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My Storm
(Dancing with the divine)
by Santa Lucia

I am not the sun or the earth
I am not the syllables in the words.

I am the wind, I m not just cold or hot
I m a soul that never rots.

I am the wind, I sleep between the cracks
I am the vehicle that spreads the seeds
the threat of change

I am the wind, I play with your history and your wisdom, the one who rises above it all
I steel your math and watch you weep.

I am the wind, I sweep away your misconceptions
I make the oceans tall, and the world spin
I am the power behind the storm.

I hold no secrets; you’re just too angry to see me
I combine the strength of your best ideas
In a place where respect is master.

I am the solar wind, combined with cosmic rays
To stay alive, I invite you to dance with the divine, the full spectrum of life.

July 2003

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