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George Shame On You

By Twermu

George Walker Bush, lord what have you gone and done, trading blood of the boy next door for the oil in Babylon....

Tell me how long it's been since the days of vietnam, when the foreign policy was just like yours, coming frome the barrel of a gun....


Shame, shame, shame, George shame on you getting your kicks from an old fashion war while helping out the privilege few.

Rumsfeld and Rice are telling you wrong, Now, Colinhas joined the pack, dressing the lie that your legacy is found on the battle fields of Iraq....

Won´t you listen to the people´s cry, can't you hear your pastor pray, "Please don´t send our younans to die sothe oil can flow our way...


Warfare and plunder, go ahead if you must, but will the rape of Iraq satisfy your lust? You declared in anger after nine-one-one, a holy crusade against the world of Islam...

Then who's your god? To whome do you pray? Will your hallelujas boms bring peace our way. The United Nations, you see as a tool, and you never will follow its contrary rules...


Shame, shame, shame--George shame on you. Shame, shame, shame on your lap-dog tony, too.

February 2003

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